Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More Screen Printing!

And the screen printing continues...

So it was my third day in a row in the print room, got two more days to go this week and my feet are really feeling it, definitely going to have to wear more comfy shoes tomorrow, I thought my boots were comfy but obviously not when I've not sat down all day!

Anyway normally by now my head is over flowing with ideas of where to put these prints on garments etc, and it is! There's one print in particular I want to put going down an oversized maxi dress!

Here they all are:

LOVE this one! I tie dyed the background fabric to :)

When pulling out the newspaper to clean up my mess I found this! Had to take a picture... <3 Pandas, definitely panda obsessed!

My work station for the day...

Second print, quite like this one to :)

A print over the top of yesterdays heat press, turned out quite well

Another one over yesterdays heat press - not a fan of this one so much

Drying time!

Just a simple sketch book sample - not a fan, its a bit bland, need to do something more with it...

Todays heat press on a steel blue jersey fabric, comes out better on this one!

One of my favourite prints of today, done over the top of the heat press, love it - its so simple but I really like it, its more of a placement print so I think it would look fantastic on a oversized maxi dress! Now its time to get designing!

Always love it when my print comes through the fabric and on to the table

Another one done over the top of screen print, really like this one to - love the colours together...

Another attempt at bitmapping - still not perfect more work to do on this one I think!

Let me know you thoughts on them, and you favourites, it would be highly appreciated. I will be posting tomorrows prints up again as well! :)



  1. wow these look great!

  2. love the post and blog! I'm following back :)

    Have a nice day! Emma x

    1. Thanks, and thanks for your support its highly appreciated! :)