Friday, 15 August 2014

Missy Empire: Selfie Stick Shenanigans

A few days ago my boss told me we were going to get Selfie Sticks in on a trial... I'm not really one for the selfie trend so I was a little bit cautious over getting them in. Well they arrived today complete with a bluetooth remote and I've not put it down all day! 
Wondering what a selfie stick is? It's a extendable stick/monopod that you can attach to your mobile phone, which enables you to take selfie's from wider angles allowing to get a whole group of friends in to! :)

We were asked to test it and take some promo silly shots with it, and its been the funniest day of work so far! Here's a few from inside work... 

We may have switched into dresses from work for the promo shots...
My dress you can see here: Bloom Black Floral Skater Dress
Jess's dress is here: Trixy Aztec Swing Dress
And my biker jacket is part of coming soon Autumn/Winter collection! 

Oh and yes my leg is wrapped up in a leg splint, I have a dodgy knee thanks to a fall at my last job, on crutches at the moment, not fun!

This last one has gone up on our companies twitter haha. 

The selfie stick is really easy to use, it packs down great to fit in your hand bag and I cen't help but think it would be fab for my holiday in September, no more accidents with cameras falling in the pool when your trying to get a group shot.

During the day we took it everywhere, we wanted to try and find its flaws so we knew what feedback to expect, it came to the wholesalers and B&Q. Take a look...

You'd think the amount we used it throughout the day, we would have found an issue, but the only one we've found is that the remote is not compatible with Snapchat, which is a little bit of a pain because I do love Snapchat. 

However for a holiday or even just a day out I could still see it being quite a practical little gadget. You can take photographs of yourself with your partner including more of a landscape or landmark. It could be used to get a better angle on a stunning view. Or you could just use it like us and have a bit of a laugh with your friends :) 

When we got back into work we had a lovely cake delivered to celebrate us reaching 5000 page likes on facebook, it was soooooo yummy! Although after one slice I did feel a little sick haha.  

And we obviously then had to use the stick to take photos with the cake :)

And pull stupid faces.... hehe

If you want to buy your own stick and have some fun you can get it here: Missy Empire Selfie Stick

So yeah, eating cake and having a laugh made it such a hard day at work today! Haha. In all seriousness though we did get our daily duties done to we just had more fun doing it :)

well I know it's not like my usual post but I hope you enjoyed it and laughed at our silliness :)


Friday, 8 August 2014

First Weeks at Missy Empire

So I recently started as the Fashion Stylist and Social Media Executive for Missy Empire, I'm not going to lie it's hard work but still a lot of fun. I get the chance to be creative and work with fashion and that's just amazing to me!

As Fashion Stylist I style up photo shoots and flat outfits, I also go out with my boss looking for new designs in clothes, shoes and accessories to buy in. As Social Media Executive I am in charge of our social media and blog to make sure our name gets out there and is well represented. I obviously like the Fashion Styling side more but it is quite fun doing flash giveaways and watching as twitter, (or which ever social media platform it is) goes bonkers over something you've just created! 

Here's some images of shoots I've over the last few weeks.

This is my absolute favourite image to come out of our first shoot! We had the great opportunity to work with international model Amy Neville, who over the last week I believe has been casted for a part in the new ITV series The Royals. Such a lovely girl and great to work with, I'm sure we'll see a lot more of her.


The photographer on all our photo shoots is Roy Bridgewood, who runs Clickportraits, a lovely helpful guy and great on shoots.

Our make up artist Kat Horrocks was fab on this photo shoot as well, I would definitely recommend using her. You can find her on facebook here

Our photographer rather sneakily took this one of me balancing on my good leg trying to sort out the models jacket... normally I don't like photographs of myself but I actually like this :)

On to some of my random flat outfits. These are just made up at any point I fancy during the day to promote our products during the day, so far I've been getting great feedback from our customers and followers so it is going really well!

This one above was the day I also went out buying with my boss, it was such and exciting day! I picked the shirt in this image to be sold and I was allowed to bring in our very first range of bags all chosen by me! This one is one of our office favourites, all the girls are fighting over who's allowed to buy it, haha.

It's great I've only been there a few weeks and I feel like I've done so much already, so far I see it as definitely a good move for my career.

Let me know which of my outfits you'd wear... and for now I'll leave you with the behind the scenes video of our photo shoot... enjoy!


Friday, 27 June 2014

15 Shopper Stresses

We all love to shop and let's face it there's nothing better than a bit of retail therapy after a long hard week at work, or just because you feel like it; but have you ever come away from shops more stressed then before you went? Well I have and here's 15 things that drives some of us shoppers mad, let's see if you can relate to them...

1. People who insist on looking through the same small rack as you.
We're sorry, is there not enough racks in the store? There isn't enough room for two people to look through this at the same time, wait your turn and stop pushing us out the way!

2. People who snatch.
Hey look, we had it first! Learn some manners and stop being rude, you wouldn't like it if we did it to you, so don't do it to me!

3. Aisles that are too narrow.
People do eat burgers you know. We want to walk down an aisle and not take half of it with us or have it tangled around our handbags.

4. Overloaded racks.
Everything just ends in a tangled mess, we don't want fifty more dresses to go with the one we're picking up and it's too stressful to sit there and untangle it, sort it out!

5. Only one shoe.
So you're looking through and you find a beautiful shoe that you must have, where is the other one? After searching through the shelf for half an hour with no luck you give up, but where did it go? 

6. Clothes on the wrong hangers.
I don't know about you but looking through tags drives me nuts, it should just be the size or price it says on the hanger.

7. Items being stamped on or thrown.
Generally happens in sales. Yes, the item may be cheaper but that doesn't make it okay for you to throw it on the floor for someone else to come along and walk all over it. You wouldn't do it in your own house so don't do it somewhere else, someone probably wants to buy the cute skirt you've just ruined.

8. Foundation marks.
Now I wear foundation and I've never gotten it on an item I haven't yet paid for, be extra careful as you've just ruined that cute little white top we wanted to buy.

9. Changing rooms not being open.
Why have a changing room if you can't use it? And we don't want to come back tomorrow when these skinny jeans fall down.

10. No prices.
Getting to the till to find out it's double the price you thought is what makes us very grumpy shoppers.

11. Buggies/prams.
Now we love babies and your little bundle of joy is ridiculously cute but please be careful of our heels, we know the majority of you are but there often seems to be one that appears to be on a mission to run everyone down. We wouldn't run you over with our car so don't run us over with your pram!

12. Sales.
Now I love a good sale, I love hunting for a bargain but when shops just pile everything up in a tangled mess in the corner I run for the exit.

13. Unhelpful stroppy sales assistants.
I've worked in shops, I know how annoying some customers can be but the majority of us are alright, so please when you look out the back for the pretty little summer dress in my size, actually look. Don't stand in the doorway where we can see you doing nothing and then claim you're out of stock in a stroppy teenage manner.

14. Mirror hoggers.
Hey the rest of us want to try our quirky sunglasses on too, so stop pouting and taking selfies and move.

15. Broken dressing room curtains.
We don't want the rest of the world to see that we have mismatched underwear or that we are wearing our super comfy ones that have seen better days, please just hook them back up.
Think I'm missing something out? What is your shopping pet peeve, let me know!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

10 Most Shocking Tennis Outfits Ever

This week sees the start of Wimbledon and as Wimbledon is the smartest, most well dressed tournament there is, I thought it would be fun if we looked back at some of tennis' biggest fashion blunders.

At number 10 we have Anne White from Wimbledon, it may have been 1985 Anne but that doesn't excuse turning up in your pyjamas to work.

Next up we have tennis' very own Lady Gaga, Bethanie Mattek, who is famous for her outrageous dress sense, although this outfit from the 2007 US Open is relatively tame for her.

At number 8 we have the five times Wimbledon champion Serena Williams with her biker inspired look from the Australian Open in 2004. Nice shin pads Serena.

At number 7 sees Bethanie again, this time dressed as a cowgirl at the 2005 US Open. You're playing tennis Beth, not attending a fancy dress party! 

Bethanie is still holding on to the title of worst dressed tennis player at number 6, sporting this design from Alex Nomble at Wimbledon 2011. Tennis balls are what you're supposed to hit not wear Beth.

At number 5 Beth puts in another appearance with frills and lace at the US Open in 2006. I'm sure I had those socks when I was five.

Number 4 sees Bethanie's last appearance, dressing up in this truly shocking gold number at the 2007 US Open. What superhero are you trying to be Beth?

At number 3 it appears Beth is beaten not only on the court but in her lack of dress sense too by the one and only Venus Williams, who beats her sister as she appears to be trying out for a part in Moulin Rouge at the 2010 French Open.

Okay it might be the same year, but they are both so special they deserve their own entries which means at number 2 we see Venus again, but this time in see through lace, adding flesh coloured underwear to effect. We know you have buns of steel Venus but a few more clothes would be appreciated!

Finally at number 1 (drum roll please) we have Venus again. Not only has she claimed more than eleven titles on the court but she wins our worst dressed tennis player title for this little beauty. Did you get dressed in the dark Venus?

Don't think it looks so bad from the front? Check out the back!

Now ladies I know in tennis you don't pull the most flattering poses but you can still look elegant with what you wear as Sharapova has shown us in this pretty little Breakfast at Tiffany's style dress at the US Open in 2006.

Let me know what you think is the worst tennis outfit ever and what your favourites are!

Who is the worst dress tennis player?
Anne White
Bethanie Mattek
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
None of the above
Poll Maker

Make sure you look back as later this week I'll be posting some of the best dresses in tennis and how you can get your very own pretty little tennis set.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Working at COSMOPOLITAN: Week 3

I can't believe I've finished my third week at COSMO, it is going so quickly and I'm loving every minute, I am going to be so sad to leave :(. I've learnt so much more this week as well, I'd go as far as saying this is the best work experience I've had so far! I think I've quite possibly found my place where I can fit into the industry. I've been trusted twice this week to man the office on my own as the other ladies were all on shoots, and I've been told I did a really good job! And I even got to pick out the high street version of the outfit we have on the front cover which was really cool. I'll post a picture when it comes out but unfortunately I can't say anything now. 


What I wore: Dress: £35, River Island, belt: £7, Republic, necklace: £8.99, Accessorise, pumps: £4, Primark, tights: (more to come on these later), pink beaded bracelet: £4, New Look, other bracelets: presents. Makeup is all Clinque.

Favourite part of the day: Picking out the high street version of the outfit on the front cover.

Tip of the day: If you're asked to do something with a big responsibility, don't panic, take a deep breath and get on with it, this is you're moment to shine.


What I wore: Jumper: £10.99 OYISIS, shirt: £16.99 New Look, pink chinos: £3.00 F&F, studded pumps: £12.99 outlet on eBay. Makeup all Clinque 

Favourite part/parts of the day: being told I'd done a good job the day before :)

Tip of the day: If you're asked you're opinion on something don't say what you think they want to hear, be honest but obviously polite! They'll appreciate you honesty more than you lies.


So I had a bit of a comfy day, we all need them from time to time and converse are a must!

What I wore: Jumper: £25 River Island, navy chinos: £21.99 Zara, trainers: £39 Converse. All makeup is Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Being asked my opinion on the front cover by Louise Court, Editor-in-Chief.

Tip of the day: If another department needs a hand, then help them out, they'll really appreciate and its good to know more about other sections of the place you work at.

DAY 4:

What I wore: Cardigan: £16.99 New Look, necklace: £8.99 Accessorise, shirt and belt: £12.99 Miss Selfridge, skirt: £7, H&M, pumps: £4 Primark. All makeup Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Arriving at work to find this on my desk from Sairey Stemp, Fashion Editor :)
Also over hearing one of the girls singing my praises to the others!

Tip of the day: If a company is complaining to you about something, don't panic, be patient, even if it is about something from before you was there take it on the chin, NEVER say "it's not my fault" apologise and take the time to look into it to see if you can sort out the problem, if not don't be afraid to pass it on to someone else but make sure you have done everything in your power to rectify it first to avoid putting extra pressure on those that are already busy, you never know you might surprise yourself with how you manage!


What I wore: Polo neck: £7.99 eBay Outlet, jeans: £7 New Look, boots: £69 Dorothy Perkins. 

Favourite part/parts of the day: Beauty sale, never been given so much in my life, I still donated despite being told I'd get it free purely because it goes to charity and I felt it was unfair and I didn't want to take the mick. Oh and thank you Sairey again for my giant Lolly Pop! Also my leaving/thank you presents from Alex Lunt, Junior Fashion Stylist, so grateful although I'm sure it should be me saying thank you as I've had such an amazing time and experience!!

Tip of the day: It's nice to receive a gift, but it's always better to give back!

Before I go I also just wanted to wish my beautiful nephew, Finley, a HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, love the cheeky little fella so much and he deserves a shout out, especially as I couldn't be with him on his birthday <3

Here he is:

Super cute isn't he?! :D


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Working at COSMOPOLITAN: Week 2

I finished my second week at COSMO on Friday, and I'm still really enjoying it. Each week I meet new members of the team from different departments and everyone still seems lovely and friendly, in fact they're a little bit bonkers as well, so I fit in well haha!

I've never felt so appreciated in a job, they give me lots of goodies, they are all so polite and someone says thank you to me before I go home every night, I completely love COSMO.


What I wore: Coat: F&F £35, shirt: Misguided £25, skirt: Primark £12, tights: New Look £6, boots: eBay outlet £16.99. Makeup is all Clinque.

Favourite part of the day: Seeing the results of the photoshoot from the previous Friday, they looked so cool!

Tip of the day: When you start your day take a five minutes to see what needs doing so you can prioritise the most important bits, it doesn't look like you are being lazy not setting off straight away it will just make you work more efficiently.


What I wore: Coat: £35 F&F, top: £95 All Saints, skirt: £7 H&M, trainer wedges: £15 Primark, tights: £6 New Look, watch: £95 DKNY, bracelet: present. Makeup all Clinque 

Favourite part/parts of the day: Getting given some bits to review :)

Tip of the day: If you're commuting a long way set your alarm for your stop and sleep on the train, the power nap really helps!


What I wore: Coat: £15 Primark, top: £22 River Island, skirt: £35 Red Herring, tights: £4 Primark, shoes: £4 Primark, watch: £95 DKNY, necklace: £20 Warren James, bracelet with jewels: £10 River Island, rings and other bracelets: presents. All makeup is Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Finally completing all the goodie bags for Cosmo Ultimate Woman Awards, and then being given one of the awesome goodie bags packed full of extras.

Tip of the day: Stay that extra five or ten minutes to clear your desk of any paperwork, it makes it easier to start work the next day and it always leaves a good impression with your employers.

DAY 4:

What I wore: Short sleeved jumper: £20 Republic, necklace: £8.99 Accessorise, jeans: £15 H&M, boots: eBay outlet £16.99, watch: £95 DKNY, bracelet with jewels: £10 River Island, rings and other bracelets: presents. All makeup Clinque

Favourite part/parts of the day: Being able to see what outfits were being packed for the Maldives shoot and also having a cheeky McDonalds at my desk.

Tip of the day: If you are getting up to get yourself a drink, ask if other people want one to!


What I wore: Cardigan: £10 Internacional, dress: £22 Next, belt: £5 TK Maxx, tights: £5 New Look, shoes: £4 Primark, necklace: £5 eBay Outlet. 

Favourite part/parts of the day: Having a laugh with the girls in the office.

Tip of the day: If you have a problem, or you think there might be a problem getting home or even if you're feeling ill, let them know! They would sooner send you home then you suffer, if you're worrying or feeling awful you're not going to work as well anyway.

I've been asked a few times "Is it glamorous?" "What's it like?" "Is it like Devil Wears Prada?". Well it is nothing like The Devil Wears Prada, that is a film and isn't real! I'm sure there is a fair people in the industry that are nasty and horrible but everyone at COSMO is the best! It isn't glamorous, it is just fun, it is hard work and long days but if you have a team like they have at COSMO it can be a good laugh, and why shouldn't it be like that? Fashion is fun!

I'm loving it, I would quite happily work for the Fashion Department at COSMO everyday, they are just one big happy family, possibly a little bit crazy but who isn't? :)

The only downside to it is I don't get in till very late, I don't have any time to do anything else except eat and go straight to bed. When I eventually get a paid job, if it is in London I'm sure I'll end up moving closer to make it all a bit easier. My kitty isn't impressed with the late nights either!!