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15 Shopper Stresses

We all love to shop and let's face it there's nothing better than a bit of retail therapy after a long hard week at work, or just because you feel like it; but have you ever come away from shops more stressed then before you went? Well I have and here's 15 things that drives some of us shoppers mad, let's see if you can relate to them...
1. People who insist on looking through the same small rack as you. We're sorry, is there not enough racks in the store? There isn't enough room for two people to look through this at the same time, wait your turn and stop pushing us out the way!
2. People who snatch. Hey look, we had it first! Learn some manners and stop being rude, you wouldn't like it if we did it to you, so don't do it to me!
3. Aisles that are too narrow. People do eat burgers you know. We want to walk down an aisle and not take half of it with us or have it tangled around our handbags.
4. Overloaded racks. Everything just ends in a tangled mess, we d…

10 Most Shocking Tennis Outfits Ever

This week sees the start of Wimbledon and as Wimbledon is the smartest, most well dressed tournament there is, I thought it would be fun if we looked back at some of tennis' biggest fashion blunders.
At number 10 we have Anne White from Wimbledon, it may have been 1985 Anne but that doesn't excuse turning up in your pyjamas to work.

Next up we have tennis' very own Lady Gaga, Bethanie Mattek, who is famous for her outrageous dress sense, although this outfit from the 2007 US Open is relatively tame for her.

At number 8 we have the five times Wimbledon champion Serena Williams with her biker inspired look from the Australian Open in 2004. Nice shin pads Serena.

At number 7 sees Bethanie again, this time dressed as a cowgirl at the 2005 US Open. You're playing tennis Beth, not attending a fancy dress party! 

Bethanie is still holding on to the title of worst dressed tennis player at number 6, sporting this design from Alex Nomble at Wimbledon 2011. Tennis balls are what…