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I'm Back... and Officially a Bachelor of Arts!

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few months, its been very busy what with my holiday, graduating, family visits and moving house, not to mention my very temperamental internet that only decides to work properly once in a blue moon! But I'm back! My internet is more stable too yay!
Anyway! I did promise you holiday snaps, however you'll have to wait a little while longer for them as my other half is still scanning them in and editing the others, but I promise I will have them soon!
For now though, you can see my graduation, I'm now officially a Bachelor of Arts, my full degree title is BA Hons in Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise, its all very exciting and its finally sunk in that I'm no longer a student, which I'm actually excited about where as before I was just scared! Here are some photographs from my special day...

I also have some very exciting family news, which I will be sharing in the next few days :). Also stay tuned as I'm writin…