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Enterprise Project

Last year, as part of our course we had to start our own business, ours was called "Aurora" and here is the look book of the jackets we created. We made 6 Jackets in total, 22 canvas bags and 12 t-shirts. (Sorry if it looks pixelated it wasn't originally like it, I can only find the low quality file on my computer)

Open publication - Free publishing
The parts I was involved in, was the Jacket design, print design, print placement, screen printing, construction and I took the photographs along with Daniel Chesterton from, I also designed and created the whole look book on indesign :)

Past Projects

These are 2 very old projects but I still love the outcome.

This one I didn't make anything for I just did the photoshoot.

The next project, I made the cape and the print design (plus I knitted the scarf!). It was inspired by climate and the beach.



So I've been playing around with a logo of "Sarah Jane", I found the perfect font which you can now see in my header above, along with the QR code, which has some how managed to add a box around itself, going to have to sort that out!

Anyway back to the original subject, logo. Here it is, what do you think? It is the letters SJ but the other way round, I was going for an elegant look, I was also trying to make it look like it relates back to the text.


Hand In and Designer Presentation

Ok so it was last Friday, 2nd December 2011, so I am posting this a bit late, sorry.

So this was the day that this topic was all over, it was the day that we got to hand all our work in and start a fresh, and for some people it was such a relief. I have to say I was one of those people, not that I was bored with it, it was more I was ready to let go, start fresh and move onto something new (mostly my dissertation *snore*).

I woke up feeling surprisingly chirpy considering I'd only had 20 minutes sleep, which totaled up to a whole hour in the last 72 hours. When arriving at university and fighting with the printers to get my presentation boards off, the tiredness started to kick in, but fortunately for me but probably not for my body I had a cheap version of Redbull on hand to keep me going. We set up the studio, I set up the camera (Canon 1D Mark 2N) so we were already for Charlotte's arrival. About 30 minutes later after a lot of form filling on all of our behalf (hand in rec…