Sunday, 23 October 2011

Inspiration search

So today I went in search for some inspiration and after looking into a bit more I worked out I didn't have to go as far a way from home as what I'd first thought. It turns out that there is a Japanese Garden only a five minute cycle round the corner from me, so I stocked up on food goodies and filled my rucksack with paper, crayons, scissors, other stationary and a camera and off I went.

The garden was small but it had more than plenty to look at I spent the first half hour photographing everything in detail, it doesn't matter how trivial it is, inspiration can come from anywhere! After that I started taking rubbings from various tree's, stones, walls, and fences. Then I moved on to taken stippets of each flower or plant that I liked so that I can press them in my flower press when I get home. At the end I took a few more photographs and even climbed up a wall so I could get to the roof of a little shelter that was built there, I took a rubbing from the roof as well as some more photographs.

When I got home I had so much more research, just an hour out of the house but I could fill a whole other sketchbook with it! 

The other day I tried to post as well, I've made up my mood board here's a shot of it... but expect some things to change!

That's it for tonight, I'll try to post more regularly though :)


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Designer Visit

Charlotte Taylor the designer arrived at 10:30am today, much to my disappointment. It wasn't that I didn't want to meet her, I just wasn't ready. I'd been looking forward to her visit since the start of the project but with major home complications I'd fell severely behind. After a quick two minute chat with the teacher, I had five hours to pull myself together and get something even slightly worthy of Charlotte seeing.

Charlotte isn't scary, she immediately put everyone at ease, she's not intimidating like you would expect most fashion designer to be, in fact she's actually rather lovely.

Anyway... I'm a bit of a perfectionist so having to present my work, which isn't anywhere near my usual standard to a complete stranger who is an amazing designer was very daunting; not to mention the rest of my group being able to see what I'd done, or more to the point what I'd NOT done. So off to the computer room I went.

First off, was touching up my sketchbook and organising the bits I had managed to do. After that came the roughs, and with not much research done yet it was difficult to find inspiration, so after pulling some shapes out of my book to place on my silhouette, I had something to work from however not anywhere near the outcome I wanted. Then on to my textiles; this bit I loved, because it meant I got to play around with  photoshop, yes I'm a geek! Photoshop always opens up new paths when playing around with motifs and I love every second of it. Charlotte seemed to like the concoctions I made up from photoshop too, so I was pleased (only with the fish motifs on their own though, they still need more work!).

After all my stressing which all seemed a bit pointless, because I had no need to be so worried, no one was annoyed or disappointed with what I'd done (except me of course). The feedback from Charlotte was fantastic and we got to have a good look at some of her garments as well which was a bonus! I want the penguin one!

If you want to see who Charlotte Taylor is and what work she's created check out her blog here: or her website here: