Sunday, 23 October 2011

Inspiration search

So today I went in search for some inspiration and after looking into a bit more I worked out I didn't have to go as far a way from home as what I'd first thought. It turns out that there is a Japanese Garden only a five minute cycle round the corner from me, so I stocked up on food goodies and filled my rucksack with paper, crayons, scissors, other stationary and a camera and off I went.

The garden was small but it had more than plenty to look at I spent the first half hour photographing everything in detail, it doesn't matter how trivial it is, inspiration can come from anywhere! After that I started taking rubbings from various tree's, stones, walls, and fences. Then I moved on to taken stippets of each flower or plant that I liked so that I can press them in my flower press when I get home. At the end I took a few more photographs and even climbed up a wall so I could get to the roof of a little shelter that was built there, I took a rubbing from the roof as well as some more photographs.

When I got home I had so much more research, just an hour out of the house but I could fill a whole other sketchbook with it! 

The other day I tried to post as well, I've made up my mood board here's a shot of it... but expect some things to change!

That's it for tonight, I'll try to post more regularly though :)


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