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Fresh Start

I’ve decided its time for a new challenge… and just to make things a little bit harder I thought why not try two at once, something I’m sure I’ll regret later, however one is pretty small really.
The first one is to create a new business! And the second… well that’s not so exciting, I’m going to participate in the 100 Happy Days Challenge.
I’ve decided my life isn't heading in the right direction and its time to sort it out. I’m fed up of restrictions, fed up of having to answer to other people, and being dictated to or put down. It’s time to stand on my own two feet and get back on track with what I spent £24,000 on getting a bachelors degree for!
My boyfriend of 8 years left university a year after me and is currently running two thriving businesses and I’m stuck on not much more than minimum wage not being able to fully be myself and explore my creativity in the way I want to and it’s time that changes.
I’ve struggled with depression and an anxiety disorder for the best part of 1…