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Working with Betsey Johnson

A while ago now I got chatting with Robin Avidor from Rockin’ Robin’s Red Nest and it turns out she used to work with the fabulous Betsey Johnson! As I’m sure so many of you do I have always loved and admired Betsey so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out more, and what working with the incredible fashion icon was like.

Sarah Jane: When did you first start working with Betsey and how did you get the job?
Robin: I started working with Betsey in 1982/83, I had been working at FCUK and wasn't too happy. I had loved Betsey's designs but never thought I would end up working with her.
I was browsing Women’s Wear Daily and there it was, an advert for a job at Betsey Johnson. I almost died! So I called and I got an interview, I was ecstatic! Then came the panic! What do I wear? After going through every possible combination of my wardrobe, it hit me! I had bought the best Betsey Johnson "suit" at Trash & Vaudeville. I decided that was what I would wear and I did.…