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Preview: Mink & Stone

Well it's been a while since I've blogged about anything else but the business, but I've missed it, so I'm starting it up again! I'll just have to make sure I find the time :)

This week I've received some very lovely items, totally different to what I sell, I want to make sure there is no conflict of interest with anything! 
Here is my first... And in all honesty I think it's quite possibly my favourite thing I have ever received, in fact I don't think it is... I know it is! 
It's a gorgeous bracelet I designed myself and had custom made on the Mink & Stone website... and its just stunning. The quality is amazing and I love the detail on the beads.

As always, this is just a little preview, I'll pop it into an outfit post as soon as my photographer is free. So for now that's all I'll write as I don't want to repeat myself on the full outfit post.
But in the meantime why not pop over to the Mink & Stone website here and have fun …