Friday, 15 August 2014

Missy Empire: Selfie Stick Shenanigans

A few days ago my boss told me we were going to get Selfie Sticks in on a trial... I'm not really one for the selfie trend so I was a little bit cautious over getting them in. Well they arrived today complete with a bluetooth remote and I've not put it down all day! 
Wondering what a selfie stick is? It's a extendable stick/monopod that you can attach to your mobile phone, which enables you to take selfie's from wider angles allowing to get a whole group of friends in to! :)

We were asked to test it and take some promo silly shots with it, and its been the funniest day of work so far! Here's a few from inside work... 

We may have switched into dresses from work for the promo shots...
My dress you can see here: Bloom Black Floral Skater Dress
Jess's dress is here: Trixy Aztec Swing Dress
And my biker jacket is part of coming soon Autumn/Winter collection! 

Oh and yes my leg is wrapped up in a leg splint, I have a dodgy knee thanks to a fall at my last job, on crutches at the moment, not fun!

This last one has gone up on our companies twitter haha. 

The selfie stick is really easy to use, it packs down great to fit in your hand bag and I cen't help but think it would be fab for my holiday in September, no more accidents with cameras falling in the pool when your trying to get a group shot.

During the day we took it everywhere, we wanted to try and find its flaws so we knew what feedback to expect, it came to the wholesalers and B&Q. Take a look...

You'd think the amount we used it throughout the day, we would have found an issue, but the only one we've found is that the remote is not compatible with Snapchat, which is a little bit of a pain because I do love Snapchat. 

However for a holiday or even just a day out I could still see it being quite a practical little gadget. You can take photographs of yourself with your partner including more of a landscape or landmark. It could be used to get a better angle on a stunning view. Or you could just use it like us and have a bit of a laugh with your friends :) 

When we got back into work we had a lovely cake delivered to celebrate us reaching 5000 page likes on facebook, it was soooooo yummy! Although after one slice I did feel a little sick haha.  

And we obviously then had to use the stick to take photos with the cake :)

And pull stupid faces.... hehe

If you want to buy your own stick and have some fun you can get it here: Missy Empire Selfie Stick

So yeah, eating cake and having a laugh made it such a hard day at work today! Haha. In all seriousness though we did get our daily duties done to we just had more fun doing it :)

well I know it's not like my usual post but I hope you enjoyed it and laughed at our silliness :)


Friday, 8 August 2014

First Weeks at Missy Empire

So I recently started as the Fashion Stylist and Social Media Executive for Missy Empire, I'm not going to lie it's hard work but still a lot of fun. I get the chance to be creative and work with fashion and that's just amazing to me!

As Fashion Stylist I style up photo shoots and flat outfits, I also go out with my boss looking for new designs in clothes, shoes and accessories to buy in. As Social Media Executive I am in charge of our social media and blog to make sure our name gets out there and is well represented. I obviously like the Fashion Styling side more but it is quite fun doing flash giveaways and watching as twitter, (or which ever social media platform it is) goes bonkers over something you've just created! 

Here's some images of shoots I've over the last few weeks.

This is my absolute favourite image to come out of our first shoot! We had the great opportunity to work with international model Amy Neville, who over the last week I believe has been casted for a part in the new ITV series The Royals. Such a lovely girl and great to work with, I'm sure we'll see a lot more of her.


The photographer on all our photo shoots is Roy Bridgewood, who runs Clickportraits, a lovely helpful guy and great on shoots.

Our make up artist Kat Horrocks was fab on this photo shoot as well, I would definitely recommend using her. You can find her on facebook here

Our photographer rather sneakily took this one of me balancing on my good leg trying to sort out the models jacket... normally I don't like photographs of myself but I actually like this :)

On to some of my random flat outfits. These are just made up at any point I fancy during the day to promote our products during the day, so far I've been getting great feedback from our customers and followers so it is going really well!

This one above was the day I also went out buying with my boss, it was such and exciting day! I picked the shirt in this image to be sold and I was allowed to bring in our very first range of bags all chosen by me! This one is one of our office favourites, all the girls are fighting over who's allowed to buy it, haha.

It's great I've only been there a few weeks and I feel like I've done so much already, so far I see it as definitely a good move for my career.

Let me know which of my outfits you'd wear... and for now I'll leave you with the behind the scenes video of our photo shoot... enjoy!