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Preview: What's in the closet?

So my beautiful top arrived from Closet Clothing/Brand Nation this week and I love it! I'll be working it into an outfit later on in the week but here is a little preview at what it looks like...

The top itself is made really nicely, it's well stitched and I'm loving the contrast of fabrics. It is currently on sale for £24 here, which is a bargain when look at how nicely it's made! I'm not going to say too much now as, as I've already said I'll be doing a full outfit post later on but make sure you check out their website as there is some amazing pieces on there! CLICK HERE.
Make sure you look out for my outfit post! :)

SJ x

Skulling Around... Outfit No.2

Now it's time for my second outfit from Skull Accessories and the Beautiful Bracelet Shop... let me know what you think of this one!

I'm loving all the things I was sent for this, but this time my favourite has to be the scarf, I'm just in love with it. I've worked it into every outfit since and I think it'll definitely be living in it for weeks to come. It feels so soft and silky and I adore the colours! I've had so many comments on it from friends and random people, it's definitely worth buying.
Coat: F&F (Similar here) Scarf: Skull Accessories Top: Skull Accessories Earrings: Skull Accessories Beaded bracelet: Beautiful Bracelet Shop Charm Bracelet: Beautiful Bracelet Shop Bag: New Look
Trousers: F&F (Similar here) Boots: New Look (Similar here)
Why not leave me a comment and let me know what you think?

SJ x

Skulling Around... Outfit No.1

So as promised here is my outfit made up with items from the "Skulling Around" preview... the first of 2! 

Although I love all of it, I think my favourite pieces in this post is the earrings and the bracelets, I can see them going with a lot! I've always been a fan of bracelets so I'm sure I'll be pretty much living in these.
Coat: Primark Scarf: Skull Accessories Necklace: Skull Accessories Vest top: Skull Accessories Earrings: Skull Accessories Skirt:Red Herring (Similar Here) Blue bracelet: Beautiful Bracelet Shop Gold bracelet: Beautiful Bracelet Shop Tights: Topshop Shoes: Ebay
As this is my first outfit post for a little while, I've tried a few things differently let me know what you think! 

SJ x

Preview: Skulling Around

So this week's haul was a big one! The guys from Skull Accessories and the Beautiful Bracelet Shopsent me a massive bundle of some gorgeous products, which I'll be styling up later on in the week. Take a look at some of the goodies I've received...

Pineskull vest top
Loving the little compact mirror :) Seem to have quite a collection of these now! haha

Matches Compact Mirror
I think the print on the top is really unique, I love how the illustrator has made skulls out of pineapples, it's not something I've seen before and even though I'm a designer myself I don't actually think I'd have even thought about it, I think it's been brilliantly done and works fantastic as a repeat.

So many pretty bracelets, can't wait to put them with an outfit! So happy I received some earrings as well, I normally ignore my ears as I generally can't wear earrings for very long anymore but it's something I want to start getting used to again, and I just lo…

Fashion Shoot: Behind The Scenes

So as you all know by now I have a full time job as a Fashion Stylist, so this week I thought I'd take you behind the scenes to see what we get up to and what its like as a stylist.
It's not always as glamorous as you think, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun! This week we wanted a very specific set, which would cost a fortune to have made and as we have a strict budget we decided to build it ourselves! 
It may have been cardboard and it might not be that neat but just you wait till we get it in photoshop! :) besides we had great fun doing it!!!
Here is Roy our grumpy photographer busy cutting out...

And he's me having a bit of fun with the already cut out trees.

Here's my clothes rail ready for the shoot, lots of gorgeous outfits! Can you spot everything you like?

All my jewellery ready to go!

Then it was time to get our beautiful model from Nemesis Model Agency Manchester Sarah Bannister ready. For the make up at the beginning we was going for a more na…

Dressing The Corrie Girls!

Hey everyone! I know it been while, but I'm trying to get back into it... the full-time stylist and blogger job has been getting in the way of my own blog, but now I've found the balance and I'm back! YAY!
I've been wanting to show you all this for a while now, but just haven't found the time. My new job as a stylist has given me the chance to dress some of the Coronation Street girls! What's Coronation Street some of you may ask? It's a British soap that's on TV at prime time for 3 nights a week.
Anyway I've sent out clothes for them to wear on screen and off screen and here's some of the first images...

The first one is Katie McGlynn, also seen on Waterloo Road a long with a variety of other shows...

For Katie I sent the stunning Tuxedo Dress from Missy Empire which unfortunately is now out of stock and won't be returning :(
The second on screen beauty, is a fairly new character who came into the soap as Tina's best friend, Tisha Merr…