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How to Survive a Fashion Degree

Hi everyone, sorry again for going a long time without a post, I've had another run of bad luck! The first being the house has been burgled, so much has been taken - mostly sentimental, I wont go into it any further otherwise I'll just get grumpy again. The second lot was I've been in hospital; I'm all fine now though :).
Anyway on to what I was actually posting about...

A Guide to Surviving a Fashion Degree First off as much as you may not like this some of it will be the usual things that your tutors will constantly drum into you all year, sorry but unfortunately quite a bit of it is true!
1.) Plan your work out in advance - Yes you may do what I used to and go into a sulky teenager insisting that you can't predict the future or you don't know when you'll be ready or "inspired" to make something, but its tough you've got to do it and it actually works! So plan what you want to have achieved by the end of each week, trust me it helps.
2.) Res…