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For Fur Sake!

In my first year, I looked at animal skin/fur and its history in fashion. When looking into the making of it I discovered the shocking truth of fur farms. I always knew it was bad but I never realised how bad. I was never going to use fur anyway the idea of it sounded wrong to me, but it was at this point I said to myself I wasn't even going to touch it if I saw it in a shop. Even brushing past someone with a fur coat now makes me feel so sick.
Anyway for this topic I had to do a presentation, so I decided to make this presentation to expose the fur industry to the fellow designers in my class, in hope that they would realise that fur or animal skin should not be used in Fashion anymore.
Whilst making this presentation I used PETA a lot, along with other sites that were for and against, during this I vowed that I wanted to make a difference, and help stop the cruelty that happens in fur farms to animals.
I never really knew what to do to help, however then I realised that I'd…

Screen Printing - Bitmapping

So the other day at uni we learnt a little tip to add depth to our screen prints, its called bitmapping
First load the image you want to use in photoshop Heres mine - its something I'm looking at using for mothers day

The you'll need to convert you image to Grayscale - to do this go to [Image] [Mode] [Grayscale]

You'll then need to adjust the contrast of the image to help add depth later - to do this [Image] [Adjustment] [Levels], play around with the slider until you get the desired effect - you can also use [Brightness/contrast] but I prefer Levels

Your image must be a minimum of 150ppi, although it is better to be 300ppi. To adjust the number of pixels within your image select [Image] [Image Size] and you can change the resolution

Now its time to Bitmap the image - to do this go to [Image] [Mode] [Bitmap] - this will open this window change all of the settings to be the same as those in the image. Depending on your type of screen mesh you may need to adjust the Bitmap output …

A Little Treat - One World Week

So I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps this week, but there was a nice little treat that turned up at the university for one world week, it certainly cheered me up so I thought I'd share it with you.
We had Glenn Arschott an educational officer from Tropical Inc show up with his array of exotic animals, it was so cool, and they were all adorable! Minus the spiders... I may have hid when they came out, hence the lack of photographs of them. Anyway I covered it for The Galleon while I was there, Click here to take a look!