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For Fur Sake!

In my first year, I looked at animal skin/fur and its history in fashion. When looking into the making of it I discovered the shocking truth of fur farms. I always knew it was bad but I never realised how bad. I was never going to use fur anyway the idea of it sounded wrong to me, but it was at this point I said to myself I wasn't even going to touch it if I saw it in a shop. Even brushing past someone with a fur coat now makes me feel so sick.

Anyway for this topic I had to do a presentation, so I decided to make this presentation to expose the fur industry to the fellow designers in my class, in hope that they would realise that fur or animal skin should not be used in Fashion anymore.

Whilst making this presentation I used PETA a lot, along with other sites that were for and against, during this I vowed that I wanted to make a difference, and help stop the cruelty that happens in fur farms to animals.

I never really knew what to do to help, however then I realised that I'd already helped by showing this to my class. Okay it wasn't much but it was a start. I've always followed PETA since on twitter and facebook, and I regularly check back to they're website which is almost always accompanied by sheer horror, shock and tears at how cruel people can be in this world.

Well today when checking the website, I stumbled across this video... its a longer version of the one I saw 2 years ago. I couldn't get past 30 seconds of it, it made me sick, angry, shock, horror, and it made me cry. I thought I'd share it with you in case you're thinking about using real fur, this is why NOT to.

There's nothing more I want to do then to give them all the biggest cuddle and bath to clean them up. What's even more shocking is that this happens to CATS and DOGS, I even found HAMSTERS on one site, so if you can't feel sympathy for the above animal, ask yourself this, how would should feel if someone was wearing your pet? To me its the same and if you're wearing fur or animal skin then you are participating in this kind of cruelty, and the question you should ask yourself is do you want to be part of such, for lack of a better word, evil?

So please think before you buy or design.



  1. Sandra Phillips2 April 2012 at 17:51

    Totally agree, wish everyone thought about fur like this, it is sad that so many people wear fur without realising or thinking about where it came from, if more people posted blog posts or things like this to their blogs then it might get more well known, you should be proud that as a young designer your standing up for what you believe in, something that a lot of older designers fail to do, well done x

  2. Thanks for your comment, so glad there are other people that feel strongly about this to


  3. I also showed this video for my anthroplogy class a few years ago. I made a presentation about the ugly side of fashion. At the end I showed it and I remembered everyone's faces when they saw it. The bad part was that someone else was making a presentation about food after me...short story no one wanted to eat the food after watching my vid lol.


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