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15 Shopper Stresses

We all love to shop and let's face it there's nothing better than a bit of retail therapy after a long hard week at work, or just because you feel like it; but have you ever come away from shops more stressed then before you went? Well I have and here's 15 things that drives some of us shoppers mad, let's see if you can relate to them...

1. People who insist on looking through the same small rack as you.
We're sorry, is there not enough racks in the store? There isn't enough room for two people to look through this at the same time, wait your turn and stop pushing us out the way!

2. People who snatch.
Hey look, we had it first! Learn some manners and stop being rude, you wouldn't like it if we did it to you, so don't do it to me!

3. Aisles that are too narrow.
People do eat burgers you know. We want to walk down an aisle and not take half of it with us or have it tangled around our handbags.

4. Overloaded racks.
Everything just ends in a tangled mess, we don't want fifty more dresses to go with the one we're picking up and it's too stressful to sit there and untangle it, sort it out!

5. Only one shoe.
So you're looking through and you find a beautiful shoe that you must have, where is the other one? After searching through the shelf for half an hour with no luck you give up, but where did it go? 

6. Clothes on the wrong hangers.
I don't know about you but looking through tags drives me nuts, it should just be the size or price it says on the hanger.

7. Items being stamped on or thrown.
Generally happens in sales. Yes, the item may be cheaper but that doesn't make it okay for you to throw it on the floor for someone else to come along and walk all over it. You wouldn't do it in your own house so don't do it somewhere else, someone probably wants to buy the cute skirt you've just ruined.

8. Foundation marks.
Now I wear foundation and I've never gotten it on an item I haven't yet paid for, be extra careful as you've just ruined that cute little white top we wanted to buy.

9. Changing rooms not being open.
Why have a changing room if you can't use it? And we don't want to come back tomorrow when these skinny jeans fall down.

10. No prices.
Getting to the till to find out it's double the price you thought is what makes us very grumpy shoppers.

11. Buggies/prams.
Now we love babies and your little bundle of joy is ridiculously cute but please be careful of our heels, we know the majority of you are but there often seems to be one that appears to be on a mission to run everyone down. We wouldn't run you over with our car so don't run us over with your pram!

12. Sales.
Now I love a good sale, I love hunting for a bargain but when shops just pile everything up in a tangled mess in the corner I run for the exit.

13. Unhelpful stroppy sales assistants.
I've worked in shops, I know how annoying some customers can be but the majority of us are alright, so please when you look out the back for the pretty little summer dress in my size, actually look. Don't stand in the doorway where we can see you doing nothing and then claim you're out of stock in a stroppy teenage manner.

14. Mirror hoggers.
Hey the rest of us want to try our quirky sunglasses on too, so stop pouting and taking selfies and move.

15. Broken dressing room curtains.
We don't want the rest of the world to see that we have mismatched underwear or that we are wearing our super comfy ones that have seen better days, please just hook them back up.
Think I'm missing something out? What is your shopping pet peeve, let me know!



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