Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Experimental Fashion

Time to start designing my garments, this was for the top and I decided the best way to incorporate shapes from my sketchbook was to actually use them! For this I traced round the crab image in my sketchbook on pattern paper, then I cut it out 2 of them on fabric, I pinned them together in various ways to look at the garment shapes they create, from this I'll design my top knowing how the shape falls and how it would look on the mannequin. It's purely to get a rough idea of where to go next with my designs, but here's what my draping looked like from today.  

I like the way the neck line falls but I think it needs to be more open...

I think possibly finishing the bottom off with fringing could make this much nicer.

Opening up an arm hole.

Definitely think its best more slouchy, I'd definitely make a little slip top to go underneath it.

I actually think the neck line has a lot of potential - definitely something I want to keep in the design

Potentially it could be worn in more than one way depending on personal preference, everyone likes something a bit individual so I think this could work.

Because the mannequin doesn't have arms I double checked it on my model

Still need to play around with it lots more I think but I'm getting somewhere!

Anyway I'm going to go and do some more design work but I'll leave you with this photograph that I received today of my nephew, it really cheered me up when I was feeling the stress! He's eating baby rice for the first time, and got in a bit of a mess bless him, he's getting so chubby! :)



  1. Love it dear!!!!
    keep on your are talented!!!
    if you have 3 outfits that you have created i can feature them o my bloG!!!!! let me know

    1. Thank you so much hun :)

      Yeah that sounds good, I'll let you know when they're all finished, wont be for a month or so though