Saturday, 21 April 2012

5th Day of Screen Printing = Done for the week! YAY!

I'm shattered, worn out with hurting feet and an aching back, my hands are sore from the amount of times I've washed them to remove paint... but strangely I feel good... yes I'm officially weird! Or perhaps its because I actually now know I'm getting somewhere with my work and it all feels like its coming together :)

Sorry for the delay of this post its a few hours late, because of this...

All my ebay orders - had to package up 19 things! Driven me a little bit crazy but hey its money, which means more funds for luxurious fabrics... oh and clothes ;) hehe

Apologies for the poorly blurred out addresses, didn't think it'd be appropriate to put them out on my blog.

Anyway (as I always seem to say...) here's how my printing went today, hope you like them!

Love this - really beginning to like this print, thinking if I scale it down may make a nice coat lining... we shall see!

Taping up the screen to make sure no nasty unwanted ink/pigment gets through to my lovely fabric, so I don't end up a sad panda.

The funness that is lining up your screen to make a nice central placement print...

Here it is! I like it, but I think its a bit bland... may have to do something else with this one, embroidery perhaps, or maybe even fringing? Time to play!

I was trying to play around with placing two together but in a different way to what I have done before... didn't work, I'm thinking maybe the repeated pattern needs to be less, I'll give it try next week.

Ahh now I like this one... hated it at first, but thought I'd try it anyway as the magic of screen printing always changes things, and it has! It has come out perfect but the light reflected off the wet ink so it looks a bit odd, but I'll be taking more pictures when I've finalised everything :)

Based on the one I did the other day... I enlarged the white shapes (still need to give them a name) doesn't work anyway near as well, but I like the concept so this is another thing I intend to play around with to see if I can get it to work.

So that's it for today, not much I know, had a slight issue with my screen when trying to re-expose it, but thats the joys of the print room, you have to just stay calm and carry on! There's so many factors that can go wrong you just have to stay determined and keep a clear head. It's a little weird really everyone gets stressed out in the print room, and understandably because so much can go wrong, but so much can go right which is something you have to remember! Most people hate it, but I seem to thrive in there, its amazing to be able to experiment with ideas in such a way. 

Anyway going to start looking into finalising my garments now, I'll show you when I have something more concrete, but may not be till next week, however, this weekend I plan to upload a tie dying tutorial, so if you want to learn how to do it keep checking back!

For now good night all


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  1. Love the prints, you're so talented! Can't wait for the tie dying tutorial :) x

    1. Thank you your feedback is really appreciated :) xx

  2. just love the designS