Monday, 16 April 2012

And The Screen Printing Begins...

Today I ventured back into the print room once again! I was looking forward to it, I adore the print room, as much as I get stressed out, worn out, and completely shattered from it I strangely always enjoy it... in fact I can find it quite therapeutic... you may want remind me I said that in a few days time haha.

All I did today was set up my screen and have a chat with the tutors about my work - Massive weight off my chest! REMEMBER IF YOU'RE A STUDENT ALWAYS STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR TUTORS EVEN IF THINGS GET TOUGH, THEY WONT JUDGE THEY'LL JUST WANT TO SUPPORT YOU.

Anyway so as I was saying... I set up my screen, this is always fun *sarcasm*. It's the first time I've done it for ages, and with a low confidence level I obviously did it wrong... BUT! I saved it :) - big pat on the back for myself there I think hehe. However we share part of our print room with the graphics students, and a few of them don't like us because they claim we stole their space blah blah blah, when we moved there - something we had no say in, something the university did, so that EVERYONE would have access to more equipment more easily, but hey you'll always get someone that moans. Back to my point - As they don't really like us, they tend not to care about our screens and she ruined part of my emulsion so I had to rescue it again, fortunately for me (and probably for her haha) I saved it AGAIN!

As I was a giant doughnut I forgot to take a picture of my nicely exposed screen with my patterns and motifs on so I'll upload the pictures I exposed on instead - they do look a little boring at the moment, as they are testers and when I get into the print room tomorrow I'll be making another screen and I'll be adding colour to them when I print it on to fabric - EXCITING! :D

These are to test the repeats and patterns (I was thinking of removing the bleed effect on them but I like it and fits with my work better with it there, I may try it without though):

And these very exciting lovelies are to test the bitmapping - adding depth to screen prints, some of them might look any different but if you look closer you can see the pixels are different widths apart, so hopefully I'll be able to print more of a 3D image, instead of boring and flat! FOR HOW TO DO THIS SEE MY POST: SCREEN PRINTING - BITMAPPING

I'll be uploading pictures of the process and pictures of the samples that come out tomorrow so remember to check back :) For now I'm off to work on the sketchbook!



  1. this all seems extremely interesting! i'll be looking forward to the rest!

    1. Thank you, I'll be in the print room all week so there should be more going up each night :)

  2. i really like these! can't wait to see the colored ones : )

    1. Thank you Kristen, glad you like them :) I've put the others up now