Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Button Making Round 2!

Today I carried on my button making in ceramics, here is the coloured clay - should come out black, grey, and white, fingers crossed!

Buttons holes all cut!

Smoothed all the edges on the normal clay!

Time to make glass ones!

Base circles all cut...

Smashed up glass to melt on to the top so it makes a similar effect as the cells in a brain.

smashed glass and colour powders sprinkled on top now just to wait for them to be fired.

Hopefully this one is for my sketchbook, its going to look like a brain hopefully when its all melted down, so excited to see the out comes!

Two more days before I can go back to see them and they've all been fired :D


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  1. wow! This is amazing! I never thought of making my own buttons!
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