Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Old Work

I'm pulling together more old photographs of my work to upload to my website, so I thought I'd share them with you... all of these have been made and designed by me.

Inreto - The theme for this was entangled and the idea for this oversized cape came from the idea to wrap the body up, so it was almost tangled up in fabric. The straight jacket inspired the fastening (another way in which the body can become tangled up). I also hand screen printed the inside of the cape as well, the pattern was designed to look like tangles, another way the body was "tangled up in pattern".

This was the first ever dress I made at university, it was a summer theme.

Ribbon dress - the entire dress is completely made from ribbon, the theme was Reveal/Conceal, the idea behind it is fairly simple, the dress looks like it conceals the body but its actually very revealing. Making the dress proved quite difficult as there is nothing else holding it together except ribbon and thread, but I think the outcome is stunning and I'm glad I persisted with it. The fastening is hidden at the side and it is just another tie with the ribbon so it is unnoticeable, unless you know its there.

Stripped T-Shirt - Reveal/Conceal research work.

Water Dress - The theme was obviously water, and waterfalls inspired me the most - the several different colours that flow through them and the way they are not quite perfect, but are still beautiful. I weaved hundreds of strips of wool into a dress I had made to give the effect of running water, leaving the bottom untrimmed as I didn't think it was right to make it perfectly inline as water is not like that.

Lastly this is me perfecting the finished look for the photoshoot :)

Hope you like them all, why not let me know which are you favourites?



  1. This was so amazing! I really love all of your pieces! Keep up the good work Sarah! :)