Sunday, 21 April 2013

Competition Entry

So today is going to be another quick one as I have tons of messages to catch up with before work again. Tomorrow however will be much better as I'm going to reveal the place that I'm using for inspiration for my next collection of designs, and lets just say you're going to love it! Its considered one of the fashion capitals of the world, I had the opportunity to visit earlier on this year and found it so inspiring :) 

Anyway back to todays post! I'm making some print designs for a competition I want to enter, it is based on the bright lights of the city which has been set out by the competition runners. And lucky for me I have to photos already to work from :) Here is the first photograph I have been using, it is rubbish and it was taken by accident originally I was going to delete it, I'm so glad I didn't now as it is very useful for this.

Gunwharf Quays
Here is the first rough design, its focussed on the print and I've yet to do more, then I'm going to decide which is best and that will be the one I enter. It almost reminds me of a tartan pattern :)

Here is what one of my twitter followers thought about it, what is your take on my first design?



  1. I love your blog it's so interesting learning about the life of a costume designer! Have you done stuff for theatre? like on the west end?

    1. Hi Mandy, thank you, glad you like it :). I have done costume design for a theatre but unfortunately not the west end, maybe one day though! I've had work experience on the TV series Law and Order UK, where I was basically an assistant altering lots of clothes and running bits back and forward from set, that was pretty cool!


  2. very cool!