Friday, 19 April 2013

Back to knitting!

I know my next post on here was meant to be about what I got up to on the Law and Order UK, but I want to leave that till after its released on TV, I'm sure everything I have to say is more than ok but I'd rather wait just in case!

Its a little late/early in the year to be knitting you're probably thinking but I haven't knitting for what must be a year and decided I missed it. So I've starting knitting bits and pieces in my spare time... so far I've made a few scarves, wrong season I know but its something simple to get me back into it, and this way I can get a head and have them ready to sell on when the times right :)

So here's a couple of examples of my latest work I hope you like them...

Funky Super Soft Fluffy Scarf

Mohair Ruffle Scarf
Just making these simple things has now inspired me to do so much! Remember if you're stuck a rut, try something you've never done or haven't done for a long time it is amazing how much it helps you look forward!

Please let me know what you think! And if you would like to buy any just ask and I'm sure can work something out :)


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