Friday, 29 June 2012

Sewing Room/Studio Almost Complete!

Not quite the post you were expecting, but I'm getting there :). I've been busy all this week getting my rooms unpacked and organised, this is how my sewing room/studio is looking so far... the pile of clothes is some of the stuff I have made, it is sat there awaiting the rail that I'll be buying for it in the next couple of week.

Draws all organised, I'm yet to find more threads, pins and so on as I'm still unpacking but it is easier to unpack now it all has a place.

Sewing machines and my easel :)

My little corner that will soon have more family photographs in it, so I have something to make me smile when I'm stressed with work.

Old work hung on the wall to help inspire me

Beautiful sewing machine on loan, that is now my favourite to use.

Drawer attachment, very handy!

Even though its old it still does a fair amount, and it even does embroidery! Very impressed.

The back...

Just beautiful, it runs so smoothly, definitely in love with it :) I do prefer older machines.

Well for now I best get back to the unpacking, still have mountains more to get through.



  1. Congrats! Shows at the rsults of your work in the studio!

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