Monday, 21 May 2012

Special Delivery and Toiling

Much to my excitement a very special package arrived the other day... MY DIGITAL PRINTS! Yay! :D

Had to wait till I could get into the studio to photograph it though as its to bit to big to lay out at home, didn't really have enough left over space in the studio either to be honest, its 3 meters by 1.5 meters. It's my previous images from the last post finally printed out onto polyester jersey - still feels lovely and soft though, very high quality fabric so you can't tell the difference :) But I had to have the polyester version so it could be colourset which means I can get it wet and it wont wash off or run :D

Well chuffed! My band balance might not be after it cost me £170, but I don't care right now, I'm just super happy with how it came out :D 

This section is of the images enlarged/repeated so I can turn them into the slouch top I showed you in a previous post.

While I'm posting I figured I'd show you some more updates of the clothes I'm making... They're really simple but with interesting details, they're designed more to showcase the print, I didn't want to add in to much detail when pattern cutting because I didn't want it to become to much. Once dully made up I think they'll be a nice balance between the two :)
This is the maxi dress, its just a toile (which means a practice version) the real one will be hand printed :)

Here's the skirt - still need to fiddle with it a bit more as it doesn't quite sit right, however I think it'll look much better when its printed and bound too :)

That's all from me, hopefully you'll have a toile of my cape to see tomorrow. :)



  1. OMG! you paid 170£ for polyester with digital print? I mean, the same as Inkjet print?
    Next time you should do it in Portugal, you would pay a lot less than that, even with shipping!
    Please google about WeDapit and e-mail them just to make sure that I'm not deceiving you xD

    1. Its a pretty standard price over here, a little more that usual because it was a faster delivery but not much, but thanks I will definitely check that out!! :)


  2. Oooooh those prints are looking pretty cool! And oh my gosh you know how to make dresses and skirts! This is the reason why I begged my mother to enroll me in a pattern-making class! Very cool :)

    Kisses! xxx