Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Preparation for New Designers

New Designers is a big graduate show in London with hundreds of budding young designers trying to get their name and designs known! Various scouts are found trolling the up and down the stands from each University that shows there, looking for the next big thing. You can find out more here: New Designers

Anyway, my university is one of the many that show there so my work will be there whether its just in a portfolio case or whether its my garments (fingers crossed for the second, although I'm starting to feel like I left out so much in my sketchbook I have no hope but meh!)

So... starting to get my bits together and the first lot is my business cards! (Blurred out the phone number for obvious reasons) I have two different fronts and I've ordered 50 free from moo.com I made them a standard size 8.5cmx5.5cm, and I've gone for my more recent designs on them :)



Front 2
Working on the postcards now I'll let you know where I get them from :)


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