Monday, 2 April 2012

A Few Sketchbook Pages

So as promised but a little late, I managed to get my little camera working, so here are some of the pages from my sketchbook.

This is my first couple of pages, where I started looking at facial features and expressions
I drew my nephew Finley and my boyfriend Dan pulling funny faces, hoping to get more lines.

This is the next page on, where I drew my Granddad and I started to look more into blowing sections of the face up and working on top of them.

I blew some more up to draw from

I blew some more up to draw from

Here using folding the paper in half technique to form a stamp print on the other side of the paper, I started to distort various different expressions and features of the face and body from the previous pictures I drew before

And again, adding more snippets of a fabric and experiments I've done.

This is the page of a larger picture I painted which is folded up on the left hand side

Here is the larger painting, its done using the same technique as the above ones

This is another...

And the page that goes with it...

Continuing on with distorting the facial features, I started to do face prints, for these you cover you face in baby oil, you then clean off your hand and press paper straight onto your face, press down into all the cracks and creases of the face, if you want you can pull funny faces and weird expressions, once the paper has been clearly marked by the oil, peel it off lay it down on the floor and colour with calk pastels, once all is coloured in you will then see some weird shapes created by your face. You can do this with any part of your body. I went on to do it with feet, hands, and my fist.

again with research and paper making to back it up.

This is some more paper making, to do this, you mix up some glue paste using sugar, flour, water and vinegar, you'll find the exact measurements online :), then you get a normal carrier bag and lay it flat, cover the a section of the bag in paste, this section needs to be about the same size as how big you want to make the paper, you then take strips of flat cotton wool, and lay it over the paste, you can make it as thin or a thick as you want (remember the thicker it is the longer it will take to dry), layer some more paste on top, you can either leave it as it is or you can add anything you want into it, for example I added wool to make similar lines to that of a brain scan, you can also add paint, after you have it looking how you want, then leave it to dry, it can take a few days to dry so be patient. I will upload a full tutorial of how to do this properly with photos, I'll also do another one for the face and body printing when I get time.

So there you go, thats a few pages from my sketchbook, if you have any ideas of things that I can look at or research into then feel free to comment or you can fill in my questionnaire here: Click here to take survey



  1. omg U r sooo talented
    they r all amazing girl!

  2. Thank you hun :) Glad you like them! x